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Community Funeral  Relief (COF) welcomes any Muslim individual or family of East African
origin to become a community member of our organisation. Community membership
is obtained by means of making an online application. Once your community membership
has been approved, you will have the benefit of full funeral cost cover up to
the maximum threshold cost (which is currently £3,400) as explained in greater
detail in our Terms & Conditions of Membership – which must be accepted by
an applicant before membership can be granted.

membership costs are as follows:

Initial joining fee:  £200
per person

Annual renewal fee: £50.00 per person

In addition, every community member will be required to make a
small pro rata contribution to assist with the funeral costs of any community member
who dies.

In the event of a community member dying, his or
her relatives will not be obliged to pay for any of the funeral costs of the
deceased provided that these do not exceed the maximum threshold cost. Instead,
all current community members will be asked to make a pro rata contribution
towards covering these costs.

Contributions paid towards a deceased community
member’s funeral costs are not fixed. They vary in accordance with the particular
funeral costs (up to the maximum threshold cost) and the number of paid up
community members at the time that a funeral takes place – and accordingly they
are determined on a case by case basis by the COF Board of Trustees. The more
community members there are, the smaller the pro rata contribution is.

Any additional funeral expense which exceeds the
guaranteed maximum threshold cost must be borne by the family of the deceased.

In this way COF helps its community members to
assist each other in dealing with the traumas associated with the death of a
loved one and the practical steps which have to be taken – and sharing the
costs associated with his or her funeral.

As long as a community member is fully paid up, he
or she and their surviving relatives can benefit from the services provided by
COF when death occurs – there is no minimum term of community membership
requirement before being eligible to benefit.

If any of a community member’s payments are in
arrears (including the annual community membership renewal fee and any pro rata
contributions which are overdue), then his or her community membership will be
suspended and he or she will not be eligible to benefit from any of the services provided by COF
unless and until these arrears have been settled within the time limits
prescribed by the COF Terms & Conditions of

It is a condition of COF community membership that
all payments are regarded as charitable contributions to COF and a sadaqa lillah – which will be utilised
only in furtherance of the organisation’s charitable objects – and which
accordingly cannot be regarded either as a personal investment or as a loan.
This means that all payments/contributions are not refundable under any

COF does not accept applications for community
membership made by anyone who is also a member of another similar funeral
service organisation.

in order to avoid any doubt and to be clear: the work of the COF trustees is on
a voluntary basis and is unpaid. They are the servants of their community. They
look to Allah for their reward, in this world and in the next world

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