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ALGHUSL (Washing)

ALGHUSL (Washing)

When a Muslim dies, it is the responsibility of his family or other Muslims within the local community to wash him according to the Islamic rites of washing the deceased. Usually at least three to four people will be involved with the actual ghusl (washing and shrouding).

The persons who may wash the deceased should:

1 Be an adult Muslim, honest and trustworthy person

2 Be of the same gender as the deceased ie if the deceased is male, then ONLY males should wash him

3 For a child, either males or females may do the ghusl

4 Know the Islamic way of washing the deceased and be able to carry out the ghusl

5 It is recommended that those who performed the washing should make wudhu (ablution)

We provide this service for those who have not got people to do so or those who were not put on their wills to be wash by specific people.

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