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42 Gardner Close, London, E11 2HN, UK
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Community Funeral Relief

The Community Funeral Relief was established in 2008 by local members from the community in order to help the families when their loved one passes away. As we all may know it is very expensive to do the burial in UK and very difficult to have some saving to cover ones DEATH immediately.

We at Community Funeral relief (CoF) regards a loss of an individual is not just regarded as a loss to the family but to the whole Muslim community as well. For this reason, it is common for people who may not know an individual personally to attend his/her funeral. In fact Muslims are encouraged to attend any Muslim’s funeral due to the profound personal, social and spiritual significance of such an event.

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Our aim is about helping people through difficult times. Meeting your needs is our first concern. We pride ourselves on our personal and honest service as instructed by our religion, and our clients appreciate it. We will do whatever we can to accommodate you and respect our members’ wishes.

We have experienced dedicated volunteers who knows all procedures and knowhow from when the death occur to the end of burial

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London, E11 2HN, UK
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